~New generations~

60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Eras when children got to be children. What is 2018? How do we define it and how can we make it better?

We live in a generation where moral, ethics and principles have become a rare phenomenon particularly for today’s youngsters. Young girls look up to these so-called ‘stars’ and are being increasingly exposed to sexual imagery which deprives them of their innocence and alters their attitude to a whole new level.

A crisis is at hand and sadly many young girls have low expectations of life as they are being constantly debased by the overly sexualized society we live in. They are growing up in a “moral abyss” and their ultimate goal is to be a WAG, a topless model or a Big Brother reject. It is a generation of girls who are wide-eyed and vacant with cinched-in waists and aimless smiles. They are all BRAT-itude and no substance and their innocence has been swept away like a sand drawing when the tide comes in.

Some would say that it takes a perverse mind to see children in a sexualized way. Get real though. Most people know the difference between a young girl modelling themselves on mummy and trying on her dress and lipstick and a five year old wearing a t-shirt which proclaims ‘so many boys, so little time’. A message to young teenage girls everywhere…have self-respect, love your body and stop trying to be the perfect woman you see in a magazine; those models are photo-shopped. Stop acting like you are 18 when you’re 12 years old and start doing things that suit your age. What happened to childhood innocence? What happened to kids playing outside? What happened to human interaction?

Wake up and act! Parents teach your children the significance of moral, ethos, principles and values. Teach your sons how to treat and respect women and teach your daughters the value of self-respect, dignity and being true to themselves.

People everywhere, you are the masters of your mind, your body, spirit and soul. Do not waste your precious time with people that are not worth it and bring innovation in your life.

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.”

Fellow bloggers what are your thoughts on this and which child are you?


3 thoughts on “~New generations~

  1. I am a 90’s child and proud of it. The youth today is frustrating sometimes, they lack the confidence, the simplicity and the courage that we once had in our time. They care too much about appearance, social status and influence. I hope this could change. 🙂

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