~New generations~

60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Eras when children got to be children. What is 2018? How do we define it and how can we make it better? We live in a generation where moral, ethics and principles have become a rare phenomenon particularly for today’s youngsters. Young girls look up to these so-called ‘stars’ and are being increasingly exposed to sexual imagery which deprives them of their innocence and alters their attitude to a whole new level. A crisis is at hand and sadly many young girls have low expectations of life as they are being constantly debased by the overly … Continue reading ~New generations~

~The Truth About My Home~

Cyprus. My love my home a small Mediterranean island, I can barely see you on the map alone. You’ve been through so much, yet you are still standing divided and torn apart, the truth is my heart is breaking. So here’s a little story, that is not entirely known about this itsy-bitsy island where heroes were truly born. Saturday, 20 July 1974. The Turks march in shortly before dawn heavily armed, invading Kyrenia with the intention to torture and torn. Staged as Operation Attila to “protect” the Turkish Cypriots from Junta’s coup d’etat they manage to capture a small percentage … Continue reading ~The Truth About My Home~